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Digital marketing calculators are useful tools for companies looking to expand their presence online. These calculators can provide you with valuable information on your campaign's ROI, number of impressions, and more.
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Digital Marketing Calculators

Cost Per Click Calculator

Are you paying too much for your AdWords clicks? Find out how many ads can be placed within a certain budget with our cost-per click calculator.

Churn Rate Calculator

Your churn rate is the percentage of customers that stop working with your company in a given period. It’s expressed as “churned” or “customer attrition”
The term ‘churn’ usually refers to how often someone unsubscribes from an email list, but you can also calculate it by taking into account when new users are added and subtracting those who leave before their trial expires.”

Click-Through Rate Calculator

Are you paying too much for your AdWords clicks? Find out how many ads can be placed within a certain budget with our Click-Through Rate Calculator

Conversion Rate Calculator

Conversion rate is a measure of the percentage of visitors who take the desired action (such as submitting a contact form, making a purchase, or signing up for your email list). Conversion rates are not simply defined through mathematical formulas because it varies depending on what you are trying to achieve with your website

Return on ad spend calculator

ROAS is a measure to analyze your return on ad spend and it’s extremely important for businesses who run paid campaigns. If you want an idea of how much profit they generate in comparison with what they put into their ads, then this metric can help provide that information since there are two different ways calculate ROAS: manually with formula mentioned below or through free online tools like ours!

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If you are new to digital marketing, it might be helpful to define your campaign’s goals. What are you expecting the results of your campaign to be? Will it help build brand awareness? Are you looking for more online sales? Determining these factors—and the specific metrics by which they will be measured


Once you have defined your campaign goals, it is important to consider how you will measure the success of your campaign. Many digital marketing calculators require that you input a threshold which sets a minimum level of activity by your audience. For example, if the goal of one of your campaigns is to achieve 100 total clicks from Facebook users, even a single click will be counted as a success.


Once you have collected the data from your digital marketing calculator, it is time to analyze and interpret that data. What did your campaign do well? Which metrics did it fall short on? How can you use these results to improve your future campaigns?


Taking the information that your digital marketing calculator provides you will allow you to better plan future campaigns. Does your campaign exhibit high levels of one particular metric but low levels in another? Use these performance indicators to create new campaigns that are even more effective than previous ones.

Why should you use digital marketing calculators?

For any company looking to expand their presence online , digital marketing calculators can be a valuable tool. These tools allow you to calculate the ROI of your digital marketing campaign and get other useful statistics such as number of impressions, cost per impression, click-through rate, and more.

Digital marketing calculators provide valuable information to help simplify the process of marketing your business online.

Types of digital marketing calculators

Digital marketing tools come in many different forms, but they are often separated into two general categories: attribution and analytics. Attribution calculators provide marketers with information about their campaigns’ ROI. Analytics calculators offer a wealth of information on wider digital marketing efforts such as website traffic, number of followers across different social media platforms, and more. Each type of calculator is valuable to digital marketers in its own way.

These calculators are particularly useful for small businesses that do not have the resources of large companies.

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